Being a Young Mama

Nov 30, 2020 | Motherhood

“What is it like being a young mom?”

A lot of people have been asking me this question a lot since i’ve had Harley, and to sum it up I love it. Of course there are ups and downs just like anything else. But I can truly say I absolutely love being a young mama.

Since I am the youngest and come from a larger family, a lot of my siblings had kids before I had Harley. This is sort of showing as a blessing in disguise because I have learned so much about children and babies.

Since a very young age I felt like a mama taking care of my baby nieces and nephews. This to say, I am very grateful and thankful for these experiences because I believe they have truly helped me prepare for motherhood.

I always felt like I was going to be a younger mom. Or maybe I just wanted to be a younger mom? Lol. When looking at young mama’s and their kids, I always noticed the bond between them and how strong it seemed to be. I wanted this for me and my baby(s).

I believe a different type of bond is created when you are younger and not quite knowing of what the future might hold. Maybe you don’t have a whole lot figured out like older couples creating families. But what you do know and come to find out is that no matter what the uncertainties are, you creating that baby is going to be the best thing that will ever happen to you. This is how I feel right now.

For me, this is what it’s like being a younger mom. Not necessarily having the nicest home, the highest income, or the amazing degree. But what you do have is a baby that will grow up loving you for everything you are because you gave them the time. The time of playing and having fun, the time of cuddling and snuggles, the time for being kids and making mistakes, and the time for just truly being themselves. Not just giving them the time but being there with them in every step. Not missing out on valuable memories and times of growth because work and money got in the way or because something in that moment was more important.

Being a young mom you learn to grow up in an instant. You are kind of just thrown into this stage of adulthood without really experiencing the teenage stage of drama and mistakes. (I probably didn’t really need that anyways lol) You realize who real friends are, the ones you want to keep by your side. You learn to dwell less on futile things and look more towards the meaningful things life has to offer. You learn about the depth of love. The depth of love a mama shares with her baby. You learn to love yourself 1000 times more because of the beautiful life you have created.

Motherhood is beautiful and hard. But one of the biggest blessings some of us will receive.